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The Top Choices in Recording Software – Part Two

June 27th, 2016

The Top Choices in Recording Software – Part Two

As I stated in the previous article, there are many choices when it comes to the best in recording software.  I listed several before and here are a few more.  


The large advantage of this recording software is its Cubase7_logocapability to have unlimited numbers of VSTs or orchestration patches. It also offers more tracks than other programs such as Cakewalk. Another advantage of this recording software is its capability to add other programs in order to make it a lot more for certain songs.

Studio Vision

This is another Macintosh program and is known to be among the high end alternatives in recording software. Its abilities consist of a variety of composing for music, while enable you to regulate every part of your musical pieces.


This recording software is developed around finding rhythms, loops and certain tracks. While it provides a variety of abilities in placing pieces of music together, it has come to be a lot more preferred among DJs and those who are looking for defined back beats.

Pro Tools

Pro-Tools-12-LogoThis choice is one that is understood amongst the majority of professionals as the most effective recording software around. It includes a wide variety of VST options and the capacity to control and manipulate the music that is being worked with. If you move into Pro Tools, you can expect to go through a longer learning period, because quite frankly, there is a lot to learn.

It could be said that each of these recording software choices possess benefits depending on how much you manage the music you are making, as well as the equipment that work the very best with each selection. By knowing the applications, you can effortlessly begin to make use of the recording software in such a way that best fits your music production.